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"Reading Ratan Kaul's poetic outpourings is like being catapulted into a realm that is infinitely more vibrant than our own. Both mystical and mystifying, your soul will be taken on a wondrous journey that it will not soon forget."

Eva Xan,
Poetry Editor & Author of "Esoterra", USA

“The Morning Glory” revolves around awakening themes enchanting the beauty of creations from Poet’s heart… I recite your poems!”

Dr. Dipankar Das,
author of "Rays By Rain", India

“The Morning Glory” by Mr. Ratan Kaul is an amazing book that takes you back in time. It helps the reader embark on not only a philosophical journey but also a patriotic expedition by paying tribute to our brave heroes. Definitely, a must read! :)"

Karan Balkar,
author of "Threads of Life", India

About the Book

You can introspect on themes that will keep you engaged…

I bring you a small garland of poems… Joining the multi-hued blooms, In my life’s garden nurtured, During my eventful journey of years… To beget your love and cheers…

Ratan Kaul

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You can introspect on themes that will keep you engaged…

The dimensions of liberty, the need for justice, Illusory global peace

You can rejoice with the…

breeze of adolescent romance, the fragrance of love, sounds of bugles of victory and nationalism, the roar of nature, the romance of cloud messenger, the allurement of mythology, all themes that will touch your heart.

You can reflect on the questions posed by the poet…

How was I born on this earth? Was I hurled from some other cosmos? Or was it the procreation as a human, After a one hundred and Eighty-four thousand births…”: (“Some Questions to God”)

You can enjoy the romantic imagery…

“She ambled in the college corridors, with a royal grace that reminded one, Of the moon striding in the sky, or the gentle waves in the oceans.”: (“Romance in the corridors”) or “What shall I say to please thee? Praise your peachy blossoming complexion? Or the long, luscious tresses on your back? Or your striking heart shaped chin? Or your bubbly looks?”: (“What shall I say to please thee?”)

Excerpts from Some Poems

The Splendour of Dawn

The sky is pellucid, brilliant blue at its best; Luminous on one corner is the crescent, And the tiny orbs suffuse as a canopy, While the cosmos is enveloped by a misty Stillness, quietude. A divine, serene, Blankness, barring the murmurs of wind Permeates gently in the mind.

You and I

I sense some floating foot strides. When you sidle up softly to meet me with whiffs of Aroma, Some unsure words, Some Nervous, Demure Gestures, Some veil of Hesitancy, Opacity, Stillness…


About the Author

Ratan Kaul has several years of top-level corporate management and arbitration practice. Ratan has published ‘Wings of Freedom’, a historical romance novel in 2011, and ‘The Full Circle’ in 2017, a contemporary romance novel. He has lately turned to writing poetry also and the result is “The Morning Glory”, a compilation of poems touching various shades of life.

He loves writing fiction and poetry to bring to life the stories and poems that emanate in his mind from the day-to-day incidents in life. New thoughts and ideas provide a challenge and excitement in his life that he then inculcates in his books to entertain and promote a social message to his readers.

He resides in New Delhi, India and can be reached at

Novels by Ratan Kaul

(with some excerpts from media reviews)

Wings of Freedom - A Historical Romance Novel (Print and Kindle versions)

The book keeps the reader glued with how the protagonists overcome the many hurdles they face to be with each other for ever.

— The Hindustan Times HT City,
New Delhi, India

One realized how many layers exist in our diverse society for a simple emotion like love ….it takes you through the (Indian) Freedom movements and blends it with a bit of suspense and adventures.

— The Hindu,
New Delhi, India

"Wings of freedom" is a beautiful love story…The plot captured my attention and held me hostage to the last page…It is with great honor that I highly recommend this book.

- "Readers’ Favorite”, USA

The Full Circle - A Saga of Unrequited Love (Print and Kindle versions)

The Full Circle encompasses the resulting latent as well as surreal aspects of post liberalization society in India.

— The Statesman

From the author of “Wings of Freedom” comes the story of unrequited love laced with adventures, intrigues, social prejudices and cultural conflicts.

— The Pioneer

"The Full Circle" is loaded with all those elements that make a reader voluntary hostage and captivated. So, full marks to Ratan Kaul for bringing this amazingly beautiful book.

— India News Calling

Want to spend lone time with books? Here are the three best weekend picks…The Full Circle:

— The Business Standards

Hindi Poetry

जी चाहता है

कोरोना काल में घर बैठे बैठे बहुत थक गया हूं,
बहुत हो गया, दिल ही दिल में सोचता रहता हूं।

मैंने कब कहा

मैंने कब कहा कि मेरी बन जाओ
बस मुझ से अपनी नज़रें न चुराओ

सैनिक की पत्नी का चन्द्रमा को आह्वान

ओ निशाकर, मेरे सुरों की
मधुर प्रेम-मय वर्षा कर दो

मेरे सखा: मेरे श्वास

जिस क्षण मेरा जन्म हुआ
मेरा प्रथम क्रंदन हुआ


Media Coverage



The poems that have inspired me in my poetic journey


I have been a writer of prose, having already published two novels, “Wings of Freedom” and “The Full Circle: A Saga of Unrequited Love”. But since my childhood I have also been an admirer of poetry. I still remember nostalgically the great poets, whose poems had impacted my impressionable mind in school and college.

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